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                                    It is a pleasure to assist you!

We are passionate about interior design and decor. Our ideal client is kind, giving, fun and hungry to live a beautiful life that is supported by a fabulous, warm, elegant yet timeless interior.

Especially if you are time-challenged, crazed with work, kids, travel and a busy social life, yet you crave a place to relax that is your unique oasis, our concierge-level services are the answer. If you don’t have spare months to research, select, shop, create a plan, assemble and manage a team on your own, we can help you achieve the vision for your ultimate personal lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about a thing. That’s our job.

Once you retain us, your job is to make decisions. The more decisive you are, the more smoothly the project goes. We guide you every step of the way. In fact, here is our process. It’s clear and concise. We make it easy so you can get back to what you love to do most. After your project is done, we want you to feel elated to enjoy your space… that the result is exactly what you wanted and more.

We’re the set designers of your life and we can’t wait to meet you!

(Indicative only, process may vary depending on projects and clients' needs)

1. Contact us via phone or email and tell us what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish with your project. Think about why you want to hire an interior designer and how you see us assisting you.

2. If you like us, and we think our firm is a good fit for you and your project, we schedule the Preliminary Phone or Skype Consultation with our lead designer to discuss your needs in more detail. It is highly recommended that any financial and design decision makers participate in this conversation.

3. If we feel that working together makes sense, a Preliminary On-Site Consultation is scheduled. We confirm with you that any financial and design decision makers will be present. If a scheduling conflict arises for any of the decision-makers, we reschedule.

Initial Consultation
We walk through the project with you and ask detailed questions so we can prepare a Design Services Proposal. Here is what we accomplish during this consultation:
Discuss your goals and desires for functionality, aesthetics, circulation, atmosphere, etc. for the space.
Range of investment that is comfortable for you for your project.
The Preliminary On-Site Consultation lasts approximately 2 hours and is generally scheduled during weekdays from 9am to 5pm depending on location.
Fee for Preliminary On-Site Consultation is approximately $420. Our designer will evaluate the spaces, provide advice and ideas, and answer questions you have.

Pre-Meeting #1
We will send over the Interior Design Services Agreement and Statement of Work for your review, or we can review in person or via Skype:
We will provide a Statement of Work for Design Services to complete the scope requested. We will provide a Statement of Work (Hourly Services) for Design Services to complete the Space Planning & Preliminary Investment Estimate (furnishings and labor estimate to implement the design)
Interior Design Services Agreement (standard responsibilities of both parties, terms and conditions)
Initial Retainer required to commence services.
If adjustments are required after this review, they will be forwarded to you for your approval, signature and deposit by mail or email.
Once we have received signed copies of all documents within the Agreement as well as the Retainer, we will then schedule the first meeting to begin project design work.

Client Interview and Site Documentation – Meeting #1

We review the Space Plan(s) and Preliminary Investment Estimate per room(s). Your approval is required for Space Plan(s) and the Preliminary Investment Estimate to proceed to the next phase.

Client Interview – Meeting #2
Now that you are excited about your space plan, we meet in person, by Skype or phone to understand your goals and desires for functionality, aesthetics, atmosphere, etc. We verify your preferences including colors, materials, finishes, types of fixtures, patterns, art, styles, etc. so we can complete the selections for your final design.

Visual Design Direction & Revised Investment – Meeting #3

We meet at your project to review the Visual Design Direction, present furnishings options and Revised Investment. We get your final feedback and approval for the investment range within which the ultimate design will be based.

Final Design Presentation – Meeting #4

We meet at your project location for the Final Design Presentation to review the following:

Final Design – space plan, drawings and renderings (if included) to help you envision the final result
Samples of fabrics and materials for you to touch and feel
Pictures and images of all furnishings so you can see what is included
Color boards painted with proposed paint colors(if desired) and wallcovering samples
Mock-ups for murals if applicable
Detailed drawings/sample of custom furnishings or millwork (cabinetry and woodwork)
Proposals for furnishings and finishes

We review each selection and the overall budget. You approve each proposal and provide a 100% deposit so we can proceed to the Purchasing Management Phase.
During this phase, we work on your behalf to manage the purchasing process. Once we receive your signed proposals and 100% deposit for goods and services at the Final Design Presentation, we take care of the hundreds and sometimes thousands of details for you.
This includes the following as appropriate to your project:
Purchase orders – preparation, confirmations, acknowledgements and samples for approval.
Every element of our designs has tens to possibly hundreds of customization details that require expert attention when ordering. We take special care in ensuring all of these customizations are perfect.

Scheduling – assist contractor as necessary in scheduling trades, manage all purchasing.
Job site visits – to review design intent and details, observe progress, answer questions, resolve problems and expedite the construction process on your behalf saving you hours of time and hassle.
Meetings with you, vendors, architect, contractors and subcontractors to coordinate, review design details and ensure that everything proceeds and is completed as designed.
Expediting to follow up on orders to ensure everything is on schedule for installation and delivery (otherwise known as herding cats).
Payments to vendors, subcontractors, freight and delivery companies and other suppliers as agreed. This is a huge amount of paperwork shuffling, and we handle all of this for you.


We coordinate the team, resources and installers so the disruption to you and your family is minimized.
Inspection of goods prior to delivery – resolve any damage issues with the shipper or receiver on your behalf.
Scheduling of delivery and installations – this takes careful coordination to make sure everything arrives at the right time.
Observation of delivery and installations – we make sure that everything is done as promised and designed.
Inspection after delivery and installations – to ensure that nothing happens during transit to your project, and that any problems are resolved on your behalf.

We make sure every last detail is handled on your behalf:

Create Project Finalization List and review with you to make sure you are satisfied with the everything.
Coordinate resolution of Project Finalization items.
Project Review – we always appreciate referrals and testimonials throughout the process especially if we exceeded your expectations.