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The podcast


Mrs. G is a French designer who offers world-class design solutions to her corporate and residential clientele. Equipped with a degree from North Texas in Interior Design & Engineering and with years of experience in corporate and high-end residential design, through her show “Design Chats” on KVGI Radio (181K monthly listeners/ 89% are from DFW, 7% are national and 4% are international), she shares her expertise and experience with her audience, while connecting with the business community in the design industry. If you are looking to promote your business, connect with Mrs. G.

Want to join the fun! Become a co-host, together with our designer you will talk about what you do, what your company is all about, and how you are different from the rest. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to talk about your product, product lines, or services in a relatable manner, by putting them in context for our audience.  Our listeners are your future clients, if you are looking to promote your business contact us at or by phone at 1 (972) 591-1098.

​​​​​​​​​​The Designer Chats Show is DFW's design podcast & show, one that focuses on design while tackling questions and problems everyone can face. The host provides tips and input, while involving her audience in the process. Any design related questions the audience has, can be answering on the air. 


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